How To Heal Piercings

Unfortunately, infected ear piercings are something that I have had experience with. My daughter had grotesquely infected ears about two months after getting her ears pierced. She had an allergic reaction to the metal in her starter earrings (14K gold) which turned into a nasty infection nasty infection . She woke up one morning complaining that her ear was on fire. It in fact was very warm to touch, was bright red, and was swollen. The back of her earlobe involved a crusty scab covering an earring back that was partially stuck in her ear. There was a yellow discharge as well.

Preventing Infections:

• There are several factors that can result in infected ear piercings. The most common ones include having piercings done with unsterile equipment, by someone who has unsterile hands, by touching the earrings and earlobes often with dirty fingers, or by a combination of the above in concert with an allergic reaction to the metals that are used in the earrings and earring backs.

• I know the topic of age is controversial, but it does help in the prevention of infections. If possible, wait until your child is old enough to know not to touch her earrings excessively with dirty fingers.

• Have your child’s ears pierced in a doctor’s office with sterile equipment by a doctor who has experience piercing ears with a one- time use needle. I had my ears pierced in a doctor’s office. My doctor used a gun and the gun got stuck on my ear. The result: tears and a lopsided piercing. If you must take your child to the mall or to a kiosk to get her ears pierced, make sure that the person doing the piercing is using a one-use only gun or needle and that they have washed and sterilized their hands before proceeding.

• After the earrings are inserted, be sure that the back is not too tight on the ear. For the ear to heal properly there needs to be a flow of air around the ear and space to clean the ear.

• In regard to cleaning the ear use a special ear cleaning antiseptic that contains benzalkonium chloride. For the first six weeks, use the special cleaning solution twice a day and twist the earrings a few rotations as well.

• Make sure that you have washed your hands well with anti-bacterial soap before you clean your newly pierced ears.

• If you believe that your child’s earlobes are infected, seek appropriate medical treatment. Most mild infections will clear up in a few days to a couple of weeks if you properly care for the infected ears. Most often this will include removing the earrings and cleaning the earrings and earlobe three times a day with rubbing alcohol. You may also be told to use a bit of antibiotic ointment on the post before inserting them back in the ear.

• Don't do as I did. Instead of pulling a stuck earring out of the ear consult with your doctor- especially if redness and swelling spread beyond the earlobe (this could be a sign of blood poisoning), and if your child develops a fever which is sign that the infection is spreading.

Gladly, for my own daughter, after a few days of cleaning the ear and using the antibiotic ointment the infection subsided.

We still had the problem of oozing earlobes that would not poperly heal. We considered several times letting the ears close up and trying to pierce them later down the road.

Eventually while doing research on wounds that would not heal, we ran across information about using sea salt and thin ear wires instead of post earrings to help heal ears that would not close. I was quite skeptical but this worked wonders for my daughter. Her ears were better in no time.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about healing your piercings or if you have any helpful information you would liket o share about how you might have healed your own piercings. You can contact me using the form below.

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