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Welcome to Allergy-Free-Earrings with creative designs by Lori & Lex.

We are so glad that you found our page and that we may be able to assist you in finding earrings that do not cause painful red, itchy, and swollen earlobes related to the metals that many earrings are made from.

Allergy-Free-Earrings offers the perfect solution for people who react to earrings made from gold, silver, copper, surgical grade steel and other base metals. The majority of our earrings are made from Titanium and Niobium which have been shown to be non-reactive hypo-allergenic metals used successfully in surgical implants and dental implants. We also sell earrings that are made with nylon or plastic as many people with metal allergies can wear these styles successfully.

You may be wondering how we got into the business of making and selling earrings. To make a long story short it involved an incredibly infected earlobe, an earring back that got encrusted into an earlobe, and a lot of yelling and screaming. If you want to know all the gory details you can find the full story through out the pages on this website.

Besides selling earrings, it is my hope that I can answer any questions that you might have with regard to the following:

*How to heal pierced ears that won't heal

*How to clean newly pierced ears

*How to clean your earrings

*How to pick a qualified ear piercer

*The type of earring best for sensitive skin (posts or wires?)

*Is anything ever really be allergy free

*Why there are warnings on earring packages

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns that are not answered at this site.


Lori & Lex

About Allergy-Free-Earrings
One simple wish- I want pierced ears for my birthday- leads to an infection, an allergic reaction, and a quest to learn more about allergy-free-earrings.
Titanium Earrings
Why try titanium earrings? If you have had allergies to gold, copper, silver and other metals titanium is a great hypo-allergenic alternative
Niobium Earrings
Niobium is a great alternative solution when looking for earrings that will not cause skin sensitivity, rashes, or allergies. A perfect solution for people with sensitive skin.
Wear earrings made from nylon? You have got to be kidding me
When I think of nylon I think of pantyhose or socks, not earrings. Believe it or not you can find some pretty cute earrings made from plastic these days, and they are a great allergy free solution.
Can Anything Ever Really be Allergy-Free?
Is it possible to be "allergy-free" can anything ever be completely free of allergens to everyone? Let's find out...
How Do I know When I Am Old Enough to Get My Ears Pierced?
Not sure when to get your ears pierced? Here are some tips to help you out.
Pierced Ear Care
Pierced Ear Care: How to care for newly pierced ears
How do I choose someone to pierce my ears?
There are so many options for places to get your ears pierced. Where is the safest, most sterile place to go? I don't want any infections.
Find out how-to-heal-piercings quickly and naturally
How to Heal Piercings. Help! My Pierced Ears Won't heal. What should I do? Read here for a solution
The best solution to clean your pierced ears: Sea Salt
Believe it or not, one of the best ways to clean your new piercings or to help dry out infected ear piercings is to use a sea salt solution. Learn more about it how it works...
Materials Used in Crafting Earring Designs
Here you will find a very clear description of the various materials that Lex and I use in designing and crafting your hypoallergenic earrings and earwires.
Earring Talk
Talk about anything earring related, new styles, show off new piercings,get your questions answered, share your comments, concerns, and helpful tips...
Warning-Label on Earrings?
Why is there a warning-label on my new pair of earrings?
Crystals and Beads
Some beads and crystals contain lead- do you know which ones?
Earring Gallery
Take a look at some of our most popular hypo-allergenic earring styles.
Let's Go Shopping
We have several brands of hypo-allergenic and allergy-free earrings to choose from: beads, dangles, titanium, niobium, nylon- take a look. Custom creations at a an affordable pricce.
Questions about earring allergies- Ask here
Ask your questions, share your stories about earring allergies....